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Subscription boxes are one of the most exciting things you can get yourself. Why? Well, it’s pretty much giving yourself a gift each month—and it’s usually a complete surprise what you’re actually getting. So they’re really something to look forward to. Here at Reviewed, our editors are obsessed with a variety of unique subscriptions.

While subscription boxes used to be limited to beauty, clothes, and snacks, you can now get a box shipped for all sorts of interests, from beer to tea to flowers. Here are 10 subscription boxes our editors swear by—and we’re sure you’ll love too.

1. Winc

“I tried Winc this summer and it changed my life (and my mother’s). It sends you four wines a month picked based on your taste—I was drinking types of wines I’d never heard of, and loving every second of it. They also pair each wine with a recipe suggestion. We made some and they were A+, just like the wine.” — Kate Ellsworth, Managing Editor, Partner Content

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2. Little Global Citizens

“For the kids, I love love love Little Global Citizens. It’s the best subscription box we’ve ever tried (and we’ve tried so many). I really want my kids to learn about the world (especially since we can’t travel anywhere right now), and this box makes it fun and easy. The recent box was all about Kenya and we’ve had so much fun doing the crafts, reading the included book, and cooking the recipes. It’s not just educational for my kids—I’ve learned so much about other cultures as well!” — Anna Lane, Parenting Editor

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3. IPA Beer of the Month Club

“I’ve received the IPA Beer of the Month Club as a gift twice now. As a beer drinker who exclusively enjoys IPAs, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and return the same half-dozen brands over and over. I’ve twice been gifted this IPA Beer of the Month club and it’s been a pleasure to acquaint myself with a whole new set of local breweries—many of which are regional businesses that I would otherwise never know. Plus the delight of finding a 12-pack of beer on your porch should not be understated.” — David Kender, Editor in Chief

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4. BarkBox

“BarkBox (which I just reviewed) is a great gift for dogs/dog owners, for a three- (or six-) month subscription. You’ll end up with six (or 12) well-made plush toys and more than enough treats for training and spoiling a favorite pup.” — Amy Roberts, Managing Editor, Lifestyle & Emerging Categories

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5. Sips by

“I don’t want to mess with my morning caffeine fix, so I tend to play favorites with my tea. And while that will probably never change, I loved getting to try the Sips by monthly tea subscription box. After you fill out a questionnaire about your taste preferences, this woman-owned business ships an assortment of loose and/or bagged tea straight to your door, complete with tasting notes and information about the leaves.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying new flavors (mushroom!) and types of tea (minty green!), even if a strong cup of English Breakfast will remain my go-to. I’ve recommended it to friends and colleagues since it really is a fun way to celebrate the tea-drinker in your life—or indulge yourself.” — Meghan Kavanaugh, Managing Editor, Core Content

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6. Crowd Cow

“As someone who loves meat, Crowd Cow is one of my favorite subscription boxes. Not only is all of the meat locally-sourced and free of added hormones or chemicals, but it’s extremely high-quality—the burgers I made using my Crowd Cow ground beef were hands-down the best ones I’ve ever eaten!

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7. Snack Crate

“It’s called Snack Crate and basically what they do is send you a box of snacks from a specific place/culture in the world. We just got one from Germany, and it was full of a bunch of snacks I’d never tried/heard of.

There were like, wafer-type things and BBQ peanuts and this weird little pepperoni/cheese pocket thing that looked super gross on the packaging but then was actually delicious. I did a half-cost first month, and I figured I’d just get a $14 box of German snacks and then cancel, but it was so fun sharing them and discovering strange new flavors (especially in this time of no traveling) that I think I’m gonna stay subscribed for a while. I think my favorite thing right now is that they’re all packaged/processed snacks that will basically be “fresh” until the year 3000, so there’s no rush to eat them up or do anything with them if you just want to accrue snacks from various countries to share with people.” — Lee Neikirk, Home Theater Editor

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8. Book of the Month

“I love reading and honestly I spend way too much money on books, so when I discovered Book of the Month Club, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. They send you a list of five books every month—you pick one, get it, read it, and love it or hate it. They include really popular books and really niche books, so you can pick the book that best matches your mood that month.” — Kate Ellsworth, Managing Editor, Partner Content

Get a Book of the Month subscription for $14.99/month

9. WeeBox

“I’m a fan of WeeBox. Scotland is my favorite place in the world: Highland cows! Plaid! Yarn! Biscuits! Since visiting isn’t always feasible, getting a monthly dose of Scottish culture in the mail reminds me of one of my favorite places. The box tends to feature things you’d find in a Royal Mile gift shop—the novelty of a highland cow tea towel or a plaid scarf might wear off after a bit—making it not necessarily a subscription for the long haul. I do love that the contents come wrapped in a local newspaper, making it feel a little more personal, like a package from your sweet Scottish aunt.” — Heather Muse, Audience Development Director

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10. Inky Box

“A few years ago, I started dabbling in calligraphy and hand lettering—teaching myself by following every lettering account I could find on Instagram and watching their videos on repeat. One that instantly became a favorite was @theinkyhand, a lefty letterer who could use a simple Crayola marker to create beautiful script.

When she launched the Inky Box, a subscription box for letterers, I knew I had to try it out. Each month, I received a new box of goodies: notebooks, watercolor paints, brushes, markers, pens, and even discount codes to other shops. Being a novice in this world, I was always hesitant to buy more supplies. Which are worth it? Do I even need that? But with the Inky Box, I was able to try out a number of high-quality tools, see what I liked, and experiment stress-free.

The best part is amassing quite a collection without even trying. I won’t always need something right when it arrives, but it’s satisfying to be working on a project, go digging through my art drawer, and find exactly the right colored marker for the job. Trust me, you can never have too many supplies.” Meghan Kavanaugh, Managing Editor, Core Content

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